Like HARVARD and MIT, AUI is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)

The first non-US NECHE accredited University in Africa, one of the most prestigious accrediting institutions throughout the world.

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Grow beyond your peers. Learn how to build models to extract insight from enterprise data flows, and transcend your career into strategy.

The Master of Science in Big Data Analytics is designed to graduate students with both the theoretical background and the practical knowledge and skills along the data value chain. It focuses on capturing, pipelining, processing, and analyzing batch and stream data such as clickstreams IoT sensory data.

  • Learn from technology-certified faculty and data industry experts

  • Conduct a final project in incubation mode with one of data industry partners, or conduct a research-oriented final project opening up your way into an international research career

  • Leverage on our Industry partners to jumpstart a career in data engineering

Master of Science in Big Data Analytics

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the need for computing resources horizontal scalability through distribution

  • Be able to setup Big Data processing and NoSQL storage architectures and environments such as Hadoop, Apache, Kafka, Google Beam, Cassandra, Hbase etc;

  • Apply a variety of Big Data analytics techniques including data mining and statistical techniques for prediction and recommendation

  • Be able to process a variety of big data sources including transactional, web, text, social media, and stream IoT sensory sources.

About the Master

The Master in a few words

AUI graduate programs combine enhanced subject knowledge and research opportunities

NECHE* Accreditation in detail

NECHE (The New England Commission of Higher Education) is the same agency that accredits Harvard and MIT.

AUI Campus Tour

Kawtar and Ali walk you through the beautiful Al Akhawayn University 75-hectare campus

Why choose AUI ?

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) educates the future citizen-leaders of Morocco and the world through a globally oriented, English-language liberal arts curriculum.

“My experience at Al Akhawayn University has meant career advancement to a highly responsible and technically challenging position in a multinational leader company of renewable energies which won the tender of the 850 MW wind farms project in Morocco. The Sustainable Energy Management master program has given me the opportunity to pursue my dream career and also to pursue a doctoral degree in renewable energies. I found engaged faculty and a built-in community that supported me during my whole degree process to give the best.”

Atar Derj

Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Management (MSSEM) Class of 2018
Environmental Discipline Engineer · ENEL GREEN POWER